From Flip Phones to Smart Phones


Samsung Flip Phone

How often do you actually notice advances within emerging media?  If you’re like me, maybe never.  When I was sixteen I purchased my first cell phone,  (ten years later than the average age today).  It was bulky, grey, and flipped open with a giant antenna retracting from the upper right-hand corner.  I thought, this is so cool!  Sure, text messages may have taken forever to type, characters were limited to 150- oh, and how many times did you flip your phone upside down in an attempt to find service?  BUT, as millenials, this was virtually our very first taste of privacy, and in reality, who cared if we had to consciously keep track of each and every text message we sent in the hopes of not exceeding our monthly limit?  Did we really know any different?


Samsung Galaxy S6

Fast forward a few years and I am the proud new owner of a much more modern device fully equipped with a standard keyboard, color display and a camera.  I can distinctively remember thinking, “What more can they possibly come out with?”  Little did I know, this was only the beginning.  In fact, just last week I purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and honestly, I couldn’t help but laugh as I utilized the phones latest fingerprint technology to secure my personal information.  When did this happen!?  How did we get from ABC text messaging to top-notch security?  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.

Let’s break it down.  ABC text messages became T9, T9 became qwerty keyboards, and before we knew it, cameras were standard and the world wide web was available at our fingertips.  While these enhancements may have seemed minimal at the time, they each have contributed to perhaps the most influential phenomenons relating to new media and its direct interactions with consumers on a day-to-day basis.  Lets face it, the world as we know it is forever evolving and these digital enhancements continue to alter the ways in which we respond and interact with the public.

How has emerging media impacted your day-to-day lifestyles?


4 thoughts on “From Flip Phones to Smart Phones

  1. alisonaudree says:

    Hey Megan,

    This is such a great post, and a great reminder of how far we’ve come. My mom is a teacher, and a few years ago she came home from work and said “This is the last group of students that will remember life before the internet”. It was a simple statement, but so shocking to me. This generation will never remember the woes of flip phones, dial up internet, or (heaven forbid), having to use an encyclopedia to look up a word. With these people growing up in such a technology centered world, they’re bound to make even bigger changes to the world around us. As this world continues to grow and adapt, I can’t wait to see how technology continues to move forward!



  2. Danielle says:

    Hi Megan,
    I remember my first cell phone too! I think I was 15 and I had to buy a minutes card that loaded time on to my cell phone. My goodness how times have changed! Your article makes me think of how many kids today have used cell phones since the time they were two or three. I have seen toddlers that can barely walk operate iPads with complete efficiency. It’s crazy! I think that emerging media has impacted every aspect of my daily life. From the minute I wake up in the morning, until I go to bed, I am always plugged in. I think it is interesting to reflect on the ways emerging media has changed daily responsibilities like cooking. Websites like Blue Apron have now made it possible to have ingredients for entire meals delivered right to your door. You can order groceries online. There are an abundance of resources that provide recipes and meal preparation tips. In a world that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, all of these tools help make our daily routines more efficient. How has emerging media changed your daily routine?



  3. thisdigitalworldblog says:

    Hi Danielle!

    Coming from a hospitality stand point, there is not a single attribute which has not been affected by emerging media. It amazes me the number of children operating iPad’s at the dinner table while waiting for their meal. Specialty restaurant chains such as Chili’s Grille & Bar even offer table-side ‘Ziosk’ tablets as a means to personally place orders, pay via credit card and even play games!


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