Social Media and Wedding Planning


How often do engagement rings pop up in your news feed? Do your friends utilize Instagram hashtags as a means to organize their wedding photos in one convenient place? Even wedding websites are slowly eliminating the need for traditional wedding formalities such as invitations and save-the-dates!

Social media is taking over and it’s officially affecting the events industry one bride at a time.  According to a study conducted by Mashable, 28% of newly engaged couples update their Facebook status within hours of saying “yes.” This may sound soon to some, but in reality, the wedding planning process began long before the ring was even received due to the conveniences of popular planning sites such as Pinterest.  In fact, 89% of brides-to-be make use of wedding apps to stay organized and on track. Even music platforms such as Spotify and iTunes are gaining in popularity as couples browse libraries to determine first dance, parent and overall dance selections.

The wedding industry is essentially a goldmine of killer apps, wearable tech and social platforms.  If we’re getting technical, its $300 billion globally. The $55 billion US wedding market alone drives more than 500,000 business, putting 750,000 people to work in over 55 unique products and services.  As someone who not only works in the events industry, but is also in the midst of planning my own wedding, I can certainly relate to the unlimited number of vendors, combined with the overwhelmingly inundated wedding planning social market.

How has social media impacted your event planning? Are you able to see a change in the planning process today, than 20 years ago?





One thought on “Social Media and Wedding Planning

  1. alisonaudree says:


    I just got engaged myself, and I have been so impressed with how tech savvy this industry is! Emerging technologies have completely changed the way this industry works, and to be honest, I do not know how people planned weddings without it! The other day I had a friend ask me if I had purchased a bunch of wedding magazines to help me get ready. With apps like Pinterest, Wedding Wire and The Knot, I don’t know why anyone would ever spend money on a physical magazine again!


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