Operation: Protect your phone!

As we have determined, the risk of exposure plays a threat to everyone with a mobile device in today’s day and age. Of course this may be creepy, or even frightening to some, but there are ways to protect yourself.


CryptoPhone | CBS News

CryptoPhones,” developed by the German company GSMK, allow users to have encrypted conversations by alerting them when someone is trying to attack or hack their personal information remotely. You may be wondering, who would want to hack your personal information? Well, lots of people, including certain government facilities when you get to close to them. How? Les Goldsmith, CEO of ESD America, a company which specializes in counter-surveillance technologies demonstrated by taking 60 Minutes correspondent, Sharyn Alfonsi for a drive through the desert near a secure government facility. Because Alfonsi was using a CryptoPhone, a red line appeared on the phone indicating her privacy was compromised; however, if she were using a regular cell phone, the government agency would have been able to hear her call and read her text messages.


This may sound like a great alternative, but a single CryptoPhone costs as much as $3,500 and each party on the line must be using CryptoPhones in order to achieve a secure conversation. So, what are regular-phone carrying folks, like you and I supposed to do? Turns out, the best option is to forego your phone’s standard calling feature in favor of communication apps which offer what’s called “end-to-end encryption.” In doing so, your conversations are secured from the time they are sent, to the moment they are received.


Signal App Messaging Services

If you want to give a communication app a try, try Signal, the popular private messaging app which “fits in your pocket.” With fans including Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras, Bruce Schneier and Matt Green, the brand remains reputable and a feasible alternative to safer, private messaging.


Fan Reviews | Signal

As marketers, how do you protect consumers from security hacks within your brand?


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